I teach fellows, residents, medical students and college students. I have a clinical teaching service in my hospital.

But I also teach wilderness and survival medicine to undergraduate students.  Many people have asked for the reading list for my class. 

If you're curious, here's the reading list from the Spring 2022 version of the class.

The optional books deal with a specific wilderness medicine topic covered in the course. My goal is to allow the students to choose books based on their interests.



Wilderness First Responder, 3rd Edition

By Buck Tilton, MS, WEMT

Falcon Guides, Morris Book Publishing, LLC


Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage. Alfred Lansing. New York: Basic Books, 2014.

Print (Ocean/Extreme Survival)

Maxwell Quick Medical Reference

By Robert W Maxwell

Maxwell Pub Co; 6th edition (December 15, 2011)

Optional Reading:

100 Deadly Skills (Survival Edition)

Clint Emerson

Touchstone Pub Co 2016


Into Thin Air

Jon Krakauer.

New York: Anchor Books, 1997. Print (Altitude Illness)

Touching The Void

Joe Simpson

New York, Harper Collins, 2004. Print (Altitude/Mountaineering)

The Snake Charmer

Jamie James  

New York: Hyperion, 2008. Print

(Snake Bites)

The Last Dive

Bernie Chowdhury. New York: Harper Collins, 2000. Print

(Dive Injury/Illness)


Steven Callahan

Boston: Mariner, 2002. Print

(Ocean Survival)

The Perfect Storm

Sebastian Junger

New York: W.W.Norton & Company, 2009.


(Ocean Survival)

Fire on the Mountain

John N. Maclean

New York: Harper Collins, 1999. Print. (Wild-land Fires)

Into The Wild

Jon Krakauer